Sample14: Let's create a text file of sine wave in integer
Download the Schematic : This archive contains files for DSPLinks.

Unzip the archive, copy them into DSPLinks directory and open it. (v1.56 or more)

Open monitor windows for each component. (Choose the component by left click and "Open a Monitor" by right click)

After you open TXTOUT, please choose "Tools" -> "Save Text" on the menu to save it.

A text file is generated and all numbers are in integer.

Double-click on QTZ and click "Change Parameters". Check "drng" is equal to (N-1)th power of two. (2048 = 2^11)

Generate a sine wave by SIGGEN. (in real)
Convert the numbers to integer by QTZ.
Save it into a text file by TXTOUT.


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