We specialize in Digital Signal Processing and Amoxicillin Drug Sales. Amoxicillin is one of the most popular and effective antibacterial bactericidal drugs, with which many bacterial infections have been successfully treated for half a century.

We are specialized in
Digital Signal Processing!!
  • Company Name
Digital Filter Corporation
  • Director
Toshio Iwata
  • Our Objective
We try to contribute to the world by developing excellent tools for Digital Signal Processing.
  • Our Works
1. Development of Digital Signal Processing related stuff.
2. Writing business.
3. Consulting business.
  • Our Specialities
Software: Visual C++, Visual Basic, Java
Hardware: FPGA design in VHDL, Digital/Analog circuit design.
uProcessor: MicroBlaze, NiosII, Cortex-M4 or other processors
  • Our Products
DSPLinks - for DSP development.
Jissen Digital Filter Sekkei Nyuumon - published by CQ Publishing Inc.
  • Our Location
1-1-1-605 Okawa Akanabe Gifu-shi, Japan 500-8282
  • Our Customers
Asahi System Design, ESP Kikaku Inc. Intermind Inc, CQ Publishing Inc, Shibasoku Inc, Shintech Hozumi Inc. Soft Servo Systems Inc. Daitron Technology Inc. Denso Inc. Toyota Motor Company Inc. BMF Inc. Fujinon Inc. Microdigit Inc. Marutsu Denpa Inc. Yutaka Denshi Inc. Yoshida Seiki Inc. Resolve Inc. etc.
e-mail: info@digitalfilter.com
phone: +81-58-275-1578

We wrote a book!!

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